We are based in Christchurch and has over a decade of experience in the IT and CCTV Surveillance sector in New Zealand. And we know just how important specialist knowledge is in creating a dynamic and hard-working security solution that adapts to your needs.

Whether it’s CCTV for home security, small business security systems or large scale corporate surveillance solutions, we know how to scale and solve your security issues.

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CCTV Surveillance 6MP Packages

Note: Price including GST & Installation in the Greater Christchurch Area in a Standard Single Storey Dwelling with Access to Internal Roof Space.

Fully Onvif compliant and can be used with a wide range of embedded NVR or PC based NVR recorders. Included is an easy to use config tool allowing easy access to the camera on any network.

Starlight Technology

This camera features ultra low lux capability allowing the camera to stay in colour in very low light levels. Once in black and white, in pitch black conditions, the IR and starlight sensor will produce an extremely crisp and sharp black and white image.

WizSense Advanced AI Features

Artificial intelligence features allow the following: tripwire and line crossing based on vehicles and people (eliminates false alarms), face detection and capture, people counting.

H.265 Encoding

This camera is capable of encoding H.264 or H.265 streams. H.265 encoding will use half of the bandwidth to that of H.264, meaning that it requires half the disk space and half of the network bandwidth for the same quality image. When recording H.265 the NVR must also support it.

P2P Connection

This camera features the ability to be able to setup a direct connection without port forwarding. Simply enable the Easy4ip feature and use the Dahua app to scan the QR code and you’re done – instant remote access from anywhere.